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Sleep and eat at sustainable Hotel De Watertoren in Dordrecht

Sustainable business is important to us. We are keen to positively contribute to people, our natural surroundings, and the environment. Since starting our business in the water tower, we have become increasingly aware of the impact of sustainable business on both a large and small scale. As far as we're concerned, sustainability is all about good products crafted with care, and the way you treat your staff and guests. Nature close to home is of great value to us. Jaap is a Biesbosch guide and can tell you all about this wonderful national park.

Sustainability in practice

How do we put sustainable business into practice? See below for an overview. It's not all inclusive, but it does give an idea of our approach.

Energy and water

  • Hotel de Watertoren uses exclusively green electricity
  • We collect rain water for flushing the toilets
  • The building is heated using a water pump system
  • We use energy-saving lightbulbs were possible and replace halogen bulbs with LEDs
  • We conserve water in the showers and bathroom taps
  • A heat exchanger provides hot water

Eten en drinken

  • Our coffee, tea, wine and some beer, digestifs, and spirits are organic. Most of our liquors are made in Dordrecht
  • All vegetables are organic, and as much of the fruit as possible
  • Almost all bread, rice and pasta is organic
  • Our jam and honey are locally sourced


  • We encourage our guests to reuse their towels
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible
  • Our dispensers contain organic soap and shampoo
  • Our toilet paper is 100% organic and recycled


  • We separate our glass, paper, and compost waste
  • Empty toner cartridges are returned for reuse


  • The chairs in the restaurant and the function room are all second hand
  • The furniture in the hotel rooms (with the exception of the beds) is reused
  • The dividers between the terrace and the car park are made from natural materials

In addition, all employees contribute to increasing our level of sustainability

Good Future Africa

The Gofua foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of children in Bamenda, Cameroon. Good Future Africa was set up by the owners of Hotel De Watertoren, Joke and Jaap de Bloeme. Through the foundation we are working on development in one of Dordrecht's twin cities.

For just €75 a year you can sponsor a child in Bamenda and provide a year's worth of education and care. All smaller donations are, of course, also welcome! We collect funds for healthcare and educational resources.

If you would like to contribute, all donations are welcome to be transferred to:

NL48ABNA0560462883 in the name of Stichting Gofua.